Blooming Blossoms – one of Providence’s premier florists – is conveniently located on Hope St on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island. We have a charming floral boutique and many years of floral design experience. Since we opened 25 years ago, our commitment has always been to customer service. We strive to provide the neighborhood with consistent customer care, gorgeous flower arrangements, or the perfect plant to keep in your house.

Over the past 25 years of serving the Providence community, we have used all of our experience and floral knowledge to become a one-of-a-kind florist, transforming with the times and creating the newest styles and designs of flower arranging. We love working with customers to create everything from simple, elegant, everyday blooms to exotic and classy floral designs, bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements, funeral flower arrangements, and florals for special events.

As lovers of plants and beauty, we specialize not only in cut flower arrangements but assorted indoor plant life. The shop always has a large array of fresh flowers that are supplied daily. We also select the most vibrant and beautiful potted houseplants to help breathe some more life into your space. We are always rotating new exotic orchids, household philodendrons, hanging ivy, jade trees, braided ficus trees, and more for all your houseplant needs. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help find the right plant for you.

We deliver our customized flower arrangements and houseplants throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. We will bring your plants to you! So if a birthday or anniversary or any other special event happens, if a loved one is recovering in the hospital, if you want to just send flowers to help brighten someone’s day, or if you want to make your office space more vibrant, lively, & beautiful, let us deliver the beauty to you!

Our attention to care, customer service, and floral design extend to how your flowers and plants get to you. Blooming Blossoms personally delivers your flowers directly to your house, an office, funeral home, or wedding venue. We carefully place your arrangements so you can rest assured your flowers will look stunning.